Vasco Da Gama EP

by Vasco Da Gama

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released October 1, 2011

All songs by Vasco Da Gama
Produced & Mixed by Paul Rafferty
Mastered by Rob Whiteley
Artwork by
Released on Payper Tiger Records


all rights reserved



Vasco Da Gama Liverpool, UK

Liverpool four-piece creating a dynamic and unpredictable racket, incorporating Latin rhythm and pop sensibility into the math-rock sound of 1990s Chicago and Washington DC.

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Track Name: Nada Mas
Lift from the left seat, with sets being built to hold drama that's passed down
It's ours now, seen and told
When the lies are addled with truth too blunt to kill
We're crawling forward

Blink out the bliss we were listing when we fell
Missing the rinse and the kicks we served so well
When the lies are clever enough to hold the tide
We're crawling back into our shells
Track Name: Long Ships, Massive Hands
When the waves form and you see the storm,
Let it break, you don't want massive hands or massive feet
Sore when you hit the shore
Let it grow, don't plant yourself in sand

If i took a plane your wings might break when the comforts at home feed you indifference
Yes i'm going to sail and hope heroes live in long ships

In artificial light that we thought was ours, the pixels are paling without the stars
The listing boat that carries our sense of pride will only stay afloat with equal weight at either side

Link disasters each and every verse
No one needs donations of hindsight
When my head fills, it is not with guilt
Just some surge that's lifesize and catlike

The windows of your house are darkened down; stone targets rendered incoherent
It's witching where you are, this is no time for long ships
Track Name: Guts Ahoy!
We're standing in the wrong spot to get the view we paid for
Get out the shot, breathe before you take it
You hit the rocks, honeymoon is over
And all this comes after

Who's still awestruck when clouds open?
Hands up who's still lining the streets to prove what they saw
One brain, two hearts; this is the stuff they make cities from
Round and round, you're bleeding the guts that won't heal up

I'm draining like a split cup, the crack that caused the cascade
You stopped the rot, time won't let you fake it
I ditched the shock. i wonder where the doors are.
And all this grows out of...
Track Name: Skeleton Girl Killed the Party
It's never too late to talk about the devils of entropy
The bigger we talk the smaller we'll feel falling into the sea

And when we fall we fall on our face, never too long to ground
Making a break for parallel taste, no more deceits allowed
Skeleton brought her bony foot down, that's when the party died
Out into dark to rescue our frowns, leaving good sense behind

Know your place, know your role
Exercise some self-control

And when we laugh we laugh at ourselves, singular states of play
And when we break we leave it too late, maybe another day
Track Name: Teach the Young Team
Pull the blind if you like, there'll be one stripe that the sunlight hits
No hair gets left unsplit, that's just the way we do it on this ship
Each mistake, more or less, will be some match for the daylight mess
Can't score a nightclub floor, it'd have a few on me for sure

We'll scrub our skin 'til we're clean
And we will teach the young team
That while we're pilots who fly
We'll shoot them from the sky

Slow decline over time could have been missed out if we'd checked our pride
All's well when distance swells, that's the way we tell it to ourselves
On your toes sense erodes, couldn't we stand up when the pavements froze?
I keep falling off slacklines and landing on my feet each time

Stand on my feet and turn off the light
We're sleeping late tonight...

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